The Year In Review: 2018 The Year Of The China Clones.

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  • #50978 The Year In Review. 
    2018: The Year Of The Chinese Clones.
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    2018 has been a wild and crazy year, many things are going on that has sent the industry in a spin from all angles. In 2018 we posted around 2,200+ articles, news, promo's and events on below are some key points that everyone showed interest in.

    Rumors are now a very big part of the industry, in fact like we've said before, rumors are now more important than factual news to the industry, gossip seams to go far and wide in our industry, everyone hears something and wants to share it with everybody else, is it a good thing, this remains to be seen? but this dynamic is here to stay and what can we say, everyone sends their rumors to, so please remember that it's only a rumor, even though most of the rumors on end up becoming true?!, please take it for what is.

    Lawsuits are interesting and they are closely watched by many, although lawsuits are now very common in the industry, they are for the most part hearsay until they get settled or resolved, of course the big interesting lawsuits in our industry is anything that canon, hp and Epson does to its Chinese rivals, this seems to rattle some nerves and make everyone wonder who’s getting busted and what is next?.

    Toner Chips.
    He who controls the chips controls the industry?, Chips are very important part of the industry, there was a time when the flow of chips was easy and affordable, but those days are long gone, companies are angling themselves to control the flow of chips, sometimes its works but we all need to remember that stopping the flow of chips is not a good thing for the industry, neither is controlling it, we hope that a fair balance approach is found so the industry can thrive so that everyone can find the right chips for remanufacturing affordably.

    The Trump Trade War.
    This is an interesting subject since our toner consumables industry is as divide as Trump rhetoric but in a more positive way we’d like to believe, although Trump can be out of touch at times his insights can be useful to point out cultural differences especially in our industry. Trump is right tough, economic espionage is real and China is right in the smack of things especially in our industry.
    2018: The Year of The Chinese Clones.
    At we have been painstakingly documenting the rise and recent fall of the clones and  it's by far the most interesting and divisive subject, although most of the products coming from China in our industry is basically made up counterfeit, we understand the argument on both sides. We are a nation of laws and everyone in the industry needs to take all laws seriously enough to not let countries with ulterior motives from taking advantage of whole industries since this form of economic espionage is counterproductive to the welfare of all societies. 2019 we believe will be even wilder, so enjoy the new year and hang on for the ride!
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