ATTENTION All Dealers, Are You On Hp's "Do Not Sell" List?

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ATTENTION All Dealers, Are You On Hp's "Do Not Sell" List?

 news 2019-02-19 at 11:04:59 am Views: 1145
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    ATTENTION All Dealers,
    Are You On Hp's "Do Not Sell" List?

    Hp Release Secretive Internal Confidential Memo
    To Channels Dealers About Who To "Not Deal With" In Europe.
    Image result for secretive

    We have in your possession an internal confidential memo from Hp naming certain companies in Europe that Hp dealers should not deal with. Hp claims of improper trade of their Hp supplies by mostly wholesalers that deal in "Grey Market" that are not affiliated with them or their channels, and they don't want any of their channels dealers to deal with these certain companies.

    Furthermore we have been told that Hp now issues a unique serial # for each and every consumables that they sell, so that if an Hp channel dealer is caught selling to one of these Grey wholesalers they can now trace it back to that dealer and revoke their channel privileges or even stop them for being affiliated with Hp altogether. We understand that a similar internal confidential memo is to be released in the U.S. and probably for all regions around the world.

    The rise of the Chinese clone toner has forced many Oems to take such action in order to protect their brand and products. Personally since's other business involves selling Surplus Toner/Grey something we have been doing since 1990, we are confident in telling Hp that surplus toner/ Grey market consumables are long, long gone and are traded very lightly, there’s no more Oem surplus out there, not just Hp but all brands. The Chinese Clones have also had an impact on the Grey market industry something we started to notice back in 2012, in fact that's why we are mostly now focused on since we are not finding anymore Surplus, plus the smartphone revolutions with their friendly smart-ass millennials has not helped print and the sales of consumables.

    Can this be an anti-trust issue by Hp? Probably not since hp's huge legal department knows exactly what they are doing and have the right to this based on their own internal contracts with their channel dealers.

    Dealers, please do not ask us for a copy of this list since we cannot send it to you because the unauthorized distribution or use of this "Do Not Trade List" may subject you and us at to civil and criminal liability and contractual sanctions for the channel dealers. All rights are reserved by Hp.Image result for hp toner supplies