Hey Hp Wanna Really Save Print? Stop Selling Super Expensive Toner!!!

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Hey Hp Wanna Really Save Print? Stop Selling Super Expensive Toner!!!

 news 2019-03-05 at 10:23:30 am Views: 489
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    Hey Hp Wanna Really Save Print?
    Stop Selling Super Expensive Toner!!!

    Hp's Current Quarter Shows a Major Slowdown for Print and Consumables, Maybe Purging 10,000+ Consumables Distributors Back in 2013 Wasn't Such a Good Idea?

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    Back in 2013 we received an anonymous report that had Hp purged well over 10,000+ wholesalers from distribution of consumables globally, and that they were going to tighten the channels and focus more on tier 1 and tier 2 distributors for their consumables. Well we believed that this was a bad idea then and now more than ever. They say that Hindsight is 20/20 and looking forward this seems to be the case, all tough a lot of these 10,000+ purged wholesalers were probably smalltime, nevertheless they contributed to sale of consumables globally for Hp, now things are looking dire for print, so we say to Hp "Open the floodgates and let everyone resell your toner products" affordably now!!!.

    Chinese Toner Cloners are Undercutting Hp And Most Oem's By $.90 Cents On The Dollar.
    We are getting constant weekly phone calls from wholesaler looking for Oem Hp toner consumables because most of these dealers cannot find Hp product anywhere around except through high priced limited dealer channels who themselves are dealing with only 5% to 12+% profit margins, all the while the Chinese toner cloners are undercutting Hp and most Oem's by $.90 Cents on the Dollar, you got to acknowledge that the Chinese where very smart and took advantage of an opportunity that is still working today quite well for them to date. In return Hp's friends at Canon have to hunt down and sue all the Chinese toner cloners they can find online globally, costing Hp and Canon a fortune to defends their IP's. Maybe it's time for Hp and friends to seriously rethink the sales of consumables since the current plan is no longer working?.

    How To Really Save Print.
    Instead of countless articles from Oem's on "why print is still Alive" here's a great ideal that will actually work to save print. 2 of our favorite U.S. print institutions are Xerox and Hp, so we at Tonernews.com call on them to give every classroom in every school or college in the U.S. a free Printer/Copier and free maintenance and free supplies forever, this will ensure the survival of print and will help all students and teachers in keeping print alive. If this is an expensive idea, we call on them to also lobby the U.S. Gov for financial help, maybe instead of building another $20 billion warship we can give every student and teacher the opportunity to print, and frankly this ideal should be done globally by all countries, this will help all schools and student around the world and will get us all off these mundane screens that presently rule our lives and this would also create or save millions of jobs in the process.

    In General Oem Toner Is Way Too Expensive.
    Right now personally if we can get the right Hp or other Oem Toner products we can easily fill a $25 Million dollar order, but limited access and high prices plus strict resale terms by most Oem's are leaving thousands of wholesalers out in the cold from reselling toner consumables, time is of the essence because the window for print is slowly closing, it's time that we all rethink the survival of print before it's too late.

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