Pens Letter To USITC Vs. China's Cloned Toner Industry.

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Share Pens Letter To USITC Vs. China's Cloned Toner Industry.

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    [email protected]

    Att: Sandra (Dee) Lord Administrative Law Judge U.S. International Trade Commission.
    Dear Judge Lord, in regards to investigation # 337-TA-1106, #38 Markham order. As an industry advocate for the Toner consumables industry and as the editor and publisher of we are writing to you this letter for consideration in regards to your last ruling on Markham Order #38 dated Febuary 28th 2019.

    it’s often easy to get lost in the technical parts of an investigation especially with obscured parts
    of a Toner consumables cartridge, but your recent Markham order dated Febuary the 28th 2019, is a great disservice to a reputable industry that has been infiltrated by the actual Chinese Government. We have been watching closely what is going on and can tell you that the Chinese parties involved, Ninestar, SCC, Printrite, and Aster Graphics are business entities that are backed by the actual Chinese Government. Your ruling gives cart-blanch to the Chinese Gov. to flood the US, Europe and the rest of the world with what we call in the industry “Counterfeit Clones”. Please don’t get lost in the technical aspects of a Toner cartridge, please look at the big picture such as the national security of the United States and their allies, since the chip inside these toner cartridges can easily send information back to a Government with I’ll intentions such as China (We have ample evidence to substantiate our claims and to submit if need be, please see
    Exibit-A below ). Your decision will also put thousands of US jobs at risk thus also undermining the welfare of our country, therefor we ask you to please consider our views and do what’s right for America for your final determination before or by the June 21st 2019 deadline.
    Exhibit A: