How Deep Are Your Pockets? More Toner Lawsuits From Canon on The Way

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How Deep Are Your Pockets? More Toner Lawsuits From Canon on The Way

 news 2019-03-26 at 12:04:51 pm Views: 2143
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    How Deep Are Your Pockets?
    More Toner Lawsuits From Canon/Hp Are On The Way.

    OEMs have hundreds of patents at their disposal covering every part of every cartridges they offer. It’s all but impossible for a clone manufacturer to successfully navigate that minefield.
    Image result for more lawsuits

    Since we have firsthand knowledge we will keep this easy and simple for everyone. We have been meticulously warning everyone in the industry that sells Chinese made Clone Toners to really pay attention to what is going on these days and its doesn't look like many are listening?.

    Just because the Chinese clone industry won a round in the ITC on a single patent and prematurely ejacked/celebrated it does not mean that this is over, in fact this made Canon and Hp even more mad, they are now going to spend tens of millions of Dollars more defending their products globally since they really have no choice due to this on going global Chinese clone toner epidemic.

    Have you noticed Canon’s 50+ toner takedowns on Amazon?.
    If you get too big on Amazon they will find you! if your website toner sales start to go viral, they will know it! and if you import a lot of product from China, they will know it just as fast as the product hits your dock. They have those kind of resources, personnel and the software to know these things really fast.

    OEMs have hundreds of patents at their disposal covering nearly every part of every cartridge. So all of this will come down to how deep your pockets are fighting these continuous lawsuits to defend yourself Vs. Canon and Hp?!Image result for pockets empty