Launches New Updated Website And Video!

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 news 2019-05-06 at 12:09:09 pm Views: 347
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    New Updated Website And Video! 
    We are very excited to announce an updated website and offer system,!
    Check Out The New Video!
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    The next time you visit you will see an all new website: layout, promotional video, our social media contact info, and more! Submitting an offer to sell your imaging supplies has never been easier. Once you create a new offer, instead of searching through brands for the items you want to sell, simply type in the part numbers and you will be able to quickly add the items to your offer. We’ve also updated the offer system with descriptions and pictures to provide examples of box styles and conditions. When you enter a part number, you’ll know without a doubt that you are getting the most accurate quote. Just like before, once your offer is submitted, we will review your offer and notify you after we have looked over your submission.
    Our hope is that you will find this new website to be more streamlined than ever. From logging in to submitting your offer, everything should be smoother, faster, and easier than ever, saving both time and money for everyone. 
    If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback - please contact us: [email protected] 
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