Why Toner Cloners Will Need To Make Up More Bogus Toner Patents Claims

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Why Toner Cloners Will Need To Make Up More Bogus Toner Patents Claims

 news 2019-05-07 at 1:30:56 pm Views: 432
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    USITC Sends China's
    Toner-Cloner Industry Back To The Drawing Board.
    Chinese Toner-Cloners Will Need To Make Up More Bogus Toner Patents Claims.
    Yesterday's Court ruling has sent the Chinese Toner-Cloner industry back on its heels. With help from Therecycler and Action-intell all the top Chinese Toner-Cloner players last month came out with press releases claiming they won and that their toner patents where legitimate in the United States, well that was what we called a premature-ejac on their parts.

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    Now the Chinese have to spend a lot more money proving that their bogus clone toners are noninfringing. Once again this is a total waste of our U.S. court system to legitimize what's really a counterfeit product on our continent and around the globe. OEMs have hundreds of patents at their disposal covering every part of every cartridges they offer. It’s all but impossible for a Chinese Toner-Cloner manufacturer to successfully navigate that minefield, but they are welcome to try.

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