The Website, To Be Rebuilt For The 3rd Time.

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  • #51469 The Website,
    To Be Rebuilt For The 3rd Time.

    The World’s Most Popular Toner News Consumables Sites Will Again Be Rebuilt From Scratch.

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    To all our fans and foes, is to be rebuilt again. Over the past 16 years this will be our 3rd rebuilding of the site. We have amassed a huge database of 36,000 news articles and  postings and it's causing the site to be have many security issues. the new site will of course be mobile friendly, have better working SEO's and will me more interactive with the community.

    We have some pretty smart all American wiz-kids on the project that should take a couple of months to complete. if anyone has any new ideas and suggestions for the site, please feel free to contact us at any time with your input. :)
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