Hp Toner Now One of The Most Cloned Counterfeited Prod's In The World

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Hp Toner Now One of The Most Cloned Counterfeited Prod's In The World

 news 2019-05-14 at 11:10:24 am Views: 316
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    Hp Toner Now One of The Most Cloned-Counterfeited Products In The World In Our Industry.
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    Want to see for yourselves all the toner-cloners and counterfeiters at work?
    ,if you are interested in joining our Tonernews.com facebook.com account and you will see a huge network of Asian workers on a daily bases, manufacturing on the front lines, loading truckloads after truckloads, selling chips, parts for toners and even requesting actual Hp holograms for counterfeiting. These companies and their people are un-opposed and there in plain sight to see. Every day we see things that make our jaws just drop, and we ask ourselves how can this go on?, this has been going on on nonstop for over a decade now and nothing is stopping this Chinese toner Cloners-Counterfeit network, in fact if anything they are getting bigger and more profitable.

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    Is It Time For An OEM Class Action Lawsuit Vs. China's Cloners-Counterfeit Industry?.
    Hp Toner is by far the most cloned-counterfeited products in the world in our industry, but we are also seeing other brands that are being cloned-counterfeited. Questions, Why is Fuji-Xerox letting this happen on their continent to Xerox Toners? why is Brother, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh and many other big prominent Print OEM's turning a blind eye to this Chinese cloning and counterfeiting of their products?  
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