Backlog: The World Is Flooded With Chinese Cloned-Counterfeit Toner.

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Backlog: The World Is Flooded With Chinese Cloned-Counterfeit Toner.

 news 2019-05-20 at 11:04:38 am Views: 574
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    Backlog: The World Is Flooded
    With Chinese Cloned-Counterfeit Toner.

    Over Manufacturing of Chinese Cloned-Counterfeit Toner is Causing a Back Log of Product.

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    We are hearing that most Chinese toner-Cloners are back up to the rim in over produced product. there are many reason for this but the most obvious one is to produce product faster than the OEM's can manufacture it in order to beat them to the punch in order to sell these goods online.
    We have seen from many Chinese prominent Toner-Cloners post new product releases to the industry literally 1 month after a new OEM printer is release, thus not giving the OEM a chance to even distribute their own goods through their own Channels. you can bet that China's and have new versions of the OEM clone toners for sale on their platforms un-opposed within a month.
    China's trade show over the past few years have branched out to small (under the radar) Countries giving most prominent Chinese Toner-Cloners a platform for resale of their Cloned-Counterfeit toner products. This has caused a backlog of over production and a backlog in the already flooded West. if only the OEM's were not tied-in to their distribution channels they might of been able to compete with the Chinese? but when you are an honest OEM manufacture or remanufacturer in this industry you are often the last ones to learn what China has done.

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