Trump Getting Ready To Initiates Tariffs On Chinese Ink & Toner Ctgs.

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Trump Getting Ready To Initiates Tariffs On Chinese Ink & Toner Ctgs.

 news 2019-06-26 at 11:07:55 am Views: 1020
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    Trump Getting Ready To Initiates Tariffs
    On Chinese Ink And Toner Cartridges, Hp Not Happy.

    This Time “Directly Consumer-Facing” items Are Affected.
    Trump has initiated three other rounds of tariffs on Chinese goods since he came into office, but the latest proposal specifically targets consumer products including cameras, ink and toner cartridges, laptop computers, mobile phones and much more. The other rounds targeted technology parts and components, but this time “directly consumer-facing” items would be affected.

    Andy Binder, HP Inc.’s Vice President And General Manager.
    “We have certainly encountered IP related challenges in China. However, we don’t view broad-based tariffs as the most effective response. … We are concerned, however, that the proposed tariffs ironically would help rather than hinder infringers.”
    “These tariffs would raise prices for HP consumers relative to the suspect goods and would not help us to keep suspect products out of the U.S. market. Frankly speaking, for the printing supplies industry, these tariffs do more damage to the consumers and intellectual property holders like HP than it will do to the IP infringing products.”

    Click on this link or photo below to read the whole article. result for hp toner factory