Why China's Clone Toner Industry Keeps Forgetting One Simple Fact!

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Why China's Clone Toner Industry Keeps Forgetting One Simple Fact!

 news 2019-06-30 at 11:11:58 am Views: 445
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    Why China's Clone Toner
    Industry Keeps Forgetting One Simple Fact!

    No OEM Has Ever Authorized Any Aftermarket Company in China to Manufacturer Toner or Part's related To Consumables.
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    China's clone toner industry has accomplished a lot over this past decade they have been right there through the progress of "Print" in our industry and have really been successful in many ways. But one simple hurdle always stands in their way, "Legitimacy". In the age of Trump it's looking like China has to regroup and re-assert itself in the dawn of this new era. China's clone toner industry has been wanting “Legitimacy” for a long time, they give each other awards, they pat each other on the back, they pay off news agencies in the West all with the hopes and thoughts of them being an honest and legitimate Companies, well are they?.

    Lost in all the rhetoric and all the lawsuits is the simple fact that no OEM has ever authorized any companies in China to manufacturer any toner product or part's related there-of. “If you tell a lie long enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it", and that's what China's Clone toner industry has been doing every year for this past decade. Now that lawsuit are as common as new product releases it looks like the truth is actually catching up to them and obviously it’s a hard pill to swallow, it's hard to live a lie for a long time because in the end, the truth always prevails.

    FACT. No OEM Has Ever Authorized Any Company in China to Manufacturer Toner or part's related to consumables. Until that changes their whole industry is really a “clone” business moto, and until they realize that, they should be open to fair and honest criticism of their industry from their peers who are playing the toner consumables game fairly and honestly.
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