Exaggerations Are Causing False Rumors at LMI.

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Share Exaggerations Are Causing False Rumors at LMI.

 news 2019-07-10 at 4:11:02 pm Views: 1198
  • #51687 Exaggerations
    Are Causing False Rumors at LMI.

    Rumor are swirling of the demise of Arizona’s LMI remanufacturing toner business because of exaggerations in an article from July 9th, 2019.
    (Correct the link in your browser to read the article. h ttp s://w ww.a ction-intell.c om/2019/07/09/trouble-at-lmi-solutions-rumors-swirl-that-changes-are-afoot/ )
    Upon conversation with LMI, incorrect assumptions and numbers from were released to the industry causing a whirlwind of rumors. Its true that LMI and Turnspire Capital Partners LLC are looking for new strategic solutions but nevertheless it’s not as drastic as made it seem.

    Image result for Turnspire Capital Partners LLC ("Turnspire")

    On Aug 22, 2018 Turnspire Capital Partners LLC ("Turnspire") announced that it has made a significant investment in LaserMasters LLC ("LMI Solutions" or "LMI") in partnership with Chief Executive Officer Gary Willert and the Willert family.  
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