Reman Toner Industry In Distress, Key Players Looking For Solutions.

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Reman Toner Industry In Distress, Key Players Looking For Solutions.

 news 2019-07-11 at 1:58:30 pm Views: 865
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    U.S. Reman Toner Industry In Distress, Key Players Looking For Strategic Solutions.
    More consolidations ahead as the Industry tries to find footing in this new era.
    The rumors are swirling the news is getting dimmer by the day, key players such as LMI (Link) and Clover(link) are now in position of reorganizing their businesses and looking for partners to take them to the next level, but what is the next level? Overall print numbers are in steady decline and this affects everything that has to do with our industry. "Strategic solutions and partnerships" can only take you so far, at the end of the day it's all about the numbers and what if the numbers are not there, then what?

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    The ongoing battle with the Chinese Cloners and Hp's recent grab of the Xerox MPS toner account from the reman toner industry is starting to take a toll on the industry. These factors are causing a cataclysm of change.
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    The Chinese toner cloner industry has completely ruined the real reman toner industry, they have flooded the world with cheap knockoffs/Clones and have also put themselves in a precarious position with all this over manufacturing. This has caused Hp to take a more drastic position in order to save its own skin in the toner game. Hp has now put a target on the reman toner industry, since they are doing a poor job of taking on the Chinese toner cloners back in their homeland to stop these modern day counterfeiters.
    What to do With These Super Expensive Hp Black Box Toners? 
    Recently hp has been swaying dealers to convert them to the “C” series white box toners and have had some success, but now the dealers are spoiled and don’t want to stock the more expensive “black box toners”. And who would want to pay an extra 80% when you just got 80% off on the white box “C” series toners? Hp just shot itself in the foot. It will be interesting to see what Hp’s quarterly earnings will be after this poorly planned debacle. Some heads are going to roll because nobody wants to stock these super expensive Hp black box toners anymore.
    It should come as no surprise from point of view to blame the Chinese. They are 100% responsible for all these changes going on in the industry. The industry was never naturally designed to have so much over manufacturing and as-long-as resellers and dealers stock these shitty Chinese toners, the industry will keep consolidating for better or for worst.

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