Why All the Clover Rumors Are WRONG!

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Why All the Clover Rumors Are WRONG!

 news 2019-07-18 at 12:24:12 pm Views: 1892
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    Why All the Clover Rumors Are WRONG!.
    You can imagine that some pretty heavy negotiations are going on these days at Clover and with $136 Million in the bank Clover is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially knowing how savvy and resilient their management team is.
    About all the Amazon webpage rumors those are all wrong too! Clover's Amazon website is only to provide content for their partners and they sell very little at high prices to keep their content fresh.  
    The Bloomberg story that made headways in our industry about Clover was to showcase "The Leveraged Loan Industry" as a whole, that has a history of gambling and taking chances. With $1.3 Trillion of such loans out there on the market, you can bet that many more companies and stories are to make headlines in the near future.

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    Clover is not going anywhere anytime soon!.

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