RUMOR: Chinese Cloners to Make Toners for Xerox And Brother?

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RUMOR: Chinese Cloners to Make Toners for Xerox And Brother?

 news 2019-07-25 at 12:46:38 pm Views: 555
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    RUMOR: Chinese Cloners to Make Toners for Xerox And Brother?
    Why would any OEM trust any Chinese Toner Cloners In our Industry?

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    This is only a rumor, so don’t get your panties all wet but we are hearing that the mighty Xerox is considering to have their toner made by a well-known toner cloner (Don’t ask who, we cannot divulge the name) we also heard the same about Brother as well last year but keep it undercover since it was only a rumor.
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    If Xerox ever did this, it would change the whole dynamic of the industry and give Chinese cloners a more legitimate stage in the industry. However it would probably be a huge mistake by Xerox Corp. and would cause friction with Xerox’s main Asian partner Fuji-Xerox, also Xerox’s new best buddy Hp would definitely not be happy with this arrangement, but anything is possible in this day and age, so who knows?

    Considering how all the Chinese toner cloners have lied, stole and cheated in our industry at the expense of the OEM’s and the reman toner industry over the past decade, we at would recommend that Xerox and Brother stay as far away as possible from these so-called manufacturers and found other solutions for the manufacturing of their OEM toners.
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