Steve Weedon Takes Over at Europe's Print-Rite Pelikan Division.

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Date: Tuesday July 30, 2019 11:13:16 am | Views: 344

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    Weedon Takes Over at Europe's Print-Rite Pelikan Division.
    Industry veteran Steve Weedon is the new Chief Executive Officer of Print-Rite Europe Limited, Print-Rite Pelikan GmbH Germany and Print-Rite Pelikan SAS France.
    By The Famous David Gibbons.
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    “Weedon takes over from Tony Mills, who offered many years of service at Print-Rite Europe at a pivotal time in the European aftermarket,” says Arnald Ho, Chairman Print-Rite. “We have many opportunities and some major advantages over our competition to serve our reseller customers using our un-paralleled, patent-safe compatible technologies as well as our 38 years of experience of remanufacturing.”
    Arnald Ho Print-Rite rtmworld“Above all is our Pelikan brand of toner cartridges, copier cartridges, ribbons and other products,” Ho stated. “Steve is the man to lead us going forward having a great track record of success with Katun and Static Control,” Ho added Weedon is recognized throughout the world in this industry and understands not only the European business but the global business as well.
    In 2017 Print-Rite announced the acquisition of a 30-year license for the Pelikan Brand. Pelikan’s origin goes back to April 1838 when Chemist Carl Hornnemann took his ink products to market and later the brand was championed by Gunther Wagner whose vision put the Pelikan bird logo on the map in every corner of the world. Being now 181 years old the brand is instantly recognisable not only by European end-users but also in South America, Latin America, North America, Russia, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and more. The Pelikan brand is now recognised as one of the world’s oldest quality brands.
    Pelikan brand rtmworld“The brand is synonymous with being trustworthy, reliable and utterly dependable,” says Weedon. “The logo is instantly recognised and preferred as a less expensive, high-quality alternative to the OEM original product.” Weedon added, “At a time when reseller margins are falling fast and remanufacturers are declining and falling into bankruptcy, the reseller needs a stable safe haven, a brand that has stood the test of time and does not need to follow the crowd lowering prices day by day to get a sale.” Weedon claims the Pelikan brand for imaging consumables is the answer to the reseller problem. “That is the message we will take out and build upon.”
    Can Steve Weedon make it three in a row? Weedon bought Katun Corp to Europe back in 1983 and Static Control to Europe in 1994. Both went on to become $100 million dollar plus companies. Will Print-Rite Pelikan make it three in a row?
    “Why not,” says Weedon. “The market is there, the opportunity is there, and what’s more, it makes perfect sense for our reseller customers who right now feel lost and insecure about their future profits.”
    Ho and Weedon jointly claim, that with Print-Rite Pelikan under new management and a new direction, it has a vision and the experience to succeed for resellers
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