FAKE NEWS AGAIN, ​Clover Has Not Been Sold!

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FAKE NEWS AGAIN, ​Clover Has Not Been Sold!

 news 2019-08-09 at 11:20:01 am Views: 710
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    FAKE NEWS AGAIN, Clover Has Not Been Sold!

    Image result for China-Charley Action-intell
    It looks like China-Charley is wrong again!
    Action-intell claimed that Clover was sold last week, well that’s just not true!

    Has Clover Been Sold? And Will It Acquire Others?
    h ttps://w ww.a ction-intell.com/2019/08/09/has-clover-been-sold-and-will-it-acquire-others/
    (Please correct the above link and paste it into your browser to see the article from the source)

    Even his buddy at Therecycler has thrown Charley under the buss!
    H ttps://w ww.t herecycler.com/posts/clover-denies-sales-rumour/
    (Please correct the link and paste it into your browser to see the article from the source)

    Here's Clover's Statement About Action-intell's False Assumption.
     “We also wish to address certain speculative reports disseminated in an industry trade publication. Contrary to a report regarding a transfer of ownership to a new strategic investor and provision of additional capital, Clover has not executed any such transaction at this time’.


    "It looks like the intell at Action-intell is just not there" 
    When and if Clover ever sells, you will hear it first on Tonernews.com!

    Image result for Rumors Are Wrong!.