Toner Ink Chemical Additive Distributor ChemSpec Awarded NACD Member

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Toner Ink Chemical Additive Distributor ChemSpec Awarded NACD Member

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    Toner Ink Chemical Additive Distributor 
    ChemSpec Awarded NACD Membership After Successfully Passing Responsible Distribution Verification Process.

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    Uniontown, OH – ChemSpec Ltd. is proud to announce that it recently achieved full membership status with the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), and has successfully passed its NACD Responsible Distribution® verification for the current three-year cycle; affirming the company’s commitment to the health, safety, and security of its employees, communities, and the environment. Responsible Distribution is the NACD’s third-party verified environmental, health, safety, and security program that allows members to demonstrate their commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal.
    “Responsible Distribution is critical to the chemical distribution industry’s ability to safely deliver more than 30 million tons of product every year,” said NACD President & CEO Eric Byer. “Through their successful verification, ChemSpec and its senior leadership have committed to the continuous improvement in the chemical distribution industry’s responsible management and handling of chemicals that ensures NACD members effectively support the industries America relies on most, like agriculture, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing equipment, and many others.”
    The Responsible Distribution program requires on-site, third-party verification of facilities against a set of guiding principles, including strict adherence to laws and regulations and participation with interested entities in creating responsible laws, regulations, and practices to help safeguard the community, workplace, and environment.
    Participation in Responsible Distribution has significant benefits, including lower instances of safety and environmental incidents, better documentation of company policies, better communication with local communities, reduced audit time and costs, and increased credibility. 
    ChemSpec President Dave Moreland had this to say about this recent achievement, “this certification is something we’ve worked very hard on obtaining and we are extremely happy to earn it. Our Quality & Regulatory Department Manager Brendan Lowery and his team have put tremendous time into obtaining this verification, we’re proud of them.  I believe this shows ChemSpec, like our parent company, Safic-Alcan, is committed to environmental stewardship, overall sustainability and continual improvement to our processes and procedures.”
    To learn more about Responsible Distribution, visit
    ChemSpec is a North American specialty chemical distribution firm, working within the industrial polymer compounding markets and also the cosmetic ingredients industry. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris-based Safic Alcan Group, an international specialty chemical distribution company, focusing on both industrial and life science chemistry.

    For more information on ChemSpec, you may reach-out to us at or via telephone at 800-200-4753.
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