Calls For a 75% Tax on Chinese Toner NOW!

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Share Calls For a 75% Tax on Chinese Toner NOW!

 news 2019-08-26 at 12:57:39 pm Views: 297
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    Hey President Trump,
    Calls For a 75% Tax on Chinese Toner NOW!

    The Timing is Right, It's Time for President Trump to Raise Tax Duties on Chinese Toner To 75%.
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    They say that in business timing is everything! Well we are smelling blood in the water these days due in large part to the latest headlines from President Donald Trump about raising more tariffs on Chinese goods. And with such headlines from last Friday August 23, 2019 , as "Trump orders US companies to stop doing business with China" and "Trump Says He Will Raise Existing Tariffs on Chinese Goods to 30%". We say go all in on Chinese Clone/fake toner and raise import taxes duties on these goods to 75%! that way the rest of the industry, the honest recyclers, remanufacturer and the OEM’s have a chance to save their skin in this toner game.

    The toner industry is in complete turmoil, Hp's CEO just Quit last Friday the same day that President Trump made the above comments. Hp’s CEO Departure is due in large part to Chinese government Toner businesses causing havoc in the industry this past decade to the point that Hp alone is losing around a billion dollars a-year to this bogus Chinese industry. These modern-day Chinese counterfeiters need to STOP flooding the world with these super cheap fake knock-offs, because cloning toner is basically counterfeit goods.

    The timing is right! We say President Trump, Tax all these Chinese toner cloner importers at 75% or simply just ban them from importing into the U.S. NOW!
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