Why Most China Clone Toner Resellers Quietly Hide On Amazon.com.

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Why Most China Clone Toner Resellers Quietly Hide On Amazon.com.

 news 2019-09-10 at 10:38:06 am Views: 285
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    Why Most China Clone Toner Resellers Quietly Hide On Amazon.com.
    The Amazon Platform Helps and protect Chinese Toner Cloners Resellers Around the Globe, Until They Get Caught, Then They Are On Their Own.
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    As we do our investigative research on the latest Canon removals of Hp Toners on the amazon platforms we are noticing that most of these clone toner resellers have no private company website to back up the goods that they resell, they are strictly on the amazon platforms to hide as aliases. we find this unusual in general because most companies that sell goods on amazon are also there to promote their brands and products honestly. we understand the amazon concept of going through amazon for the sale but the Chinese toner cloner industry is somewhat different, were these businesses purposely hide due in large part because they know very well that the clone toner they sell is not completely legitimate and even legal, yet they figure if that they can hide trough amazon for some time since the burden is on amazon, until they get caught.

    This is another example of how the Chinese toner cloner manufacturers trick people in the West into believing that these clone toners are legitimate, they will even design boxes and logo for these so-called alias companies just for Amazon, knowing very well that at some point Canon/hp and even other OEM’s are going to catch them down the line. Once caught they pass the burden to companies in the West that put their name on these fake products, since the actual manufacturers are hiding in exile in China.

    To most of us in the industry, this might be old news since it’s been going on for so-long, but for the Chinese clone toner manufacturers that are constantly looking for legitimacy in our industry back in China, this obviously is a black eye for them and their way of doing business and it would also be nice if Amazon addressed this on-going toner scams and did something about it.

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