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Date: Tuesday September 17, 2019 11:30:02 am | Views: 224

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    China Offers 4,000,000 inks
    & 400,000 Clone Toners Per Month! 
    SINOCOPY is dedicated to become a leading provider for remanufactured, compatible, patent laser toner and ink cartridge. With research and manufacturing facilities in South China and Philippines, we own a monthly capacity of 4,000,000 replacement ink cartridges and 400,000 toner cartridges for major OEM brand printers. Now our own brand – COPRINT & SINOCOPY enjoy great reputation over 50 countries in European, South American, Middle East market.
    Image result for SINOCOPY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. toner
    Now we have the promotions for the following products.
    New Compatible Black Toner Cartridges
    THCF217A (with chip) USD4.85
    THCF230A (with chip) USD4.85
    THCF226A USD4.35
    THCF226X USD5.70
    TH2612A   USD 2.55
    THCB435A/CB436A/CE285A/CE278A USD2.45
    THCF283A USD 2.45
    TH5949A/7553A USD 3.60
    TH5949X/7553X USD 4.35
    THCE505A/CF280A USD 3.45
    THCE505X/CF280X USD 4.30
    TPSMLT-D101 USD 3.70
    TPSMLT-D101XL(3K) USD5.2
    TPSMLT-D111 USD 3.90
    TPSMLT-D111XL(3K) USD5.2
    TPSMLT-D116L USD 4.20
    TSML2010 USD 4.60
    TSMLT-D105L USD 4.65
    TSMLT-D104 USD 4.60
    TPTN760/2420 with CHIP  USD5.35
    TBTN350/2000/2005/2025/2050/25J   USD2.95
    TBTN360/2120/2125/2150/26J USD 2.95
    TBTN450/2220/2225/2250/2275/2280/27J USD 2.35
    TBTN580/3170/3175/3185/37J USD 3.90
    TBTN660/2320/2325/2345/2350/2375/2380 USD2.35
    TBTN750/3350/3380/3382/3385/56J USD4.15
    TPTN1000/1030/1050/1060/1070/1075 USD2.20
    New Compatible Color Toner Cartridges
    THCF400X-403X USD5.20
    THCF410A-413A USD5.80
    THCF500A-503A, 540A-543A USD6.95
    THCF510A-513A, 530A-533A USD6.45
    THCB540A-543A USD4.35
    THCC530A-533A USD4.95
    THCB310A-313A USD2.70
    THCE410X-413A USD4.95
    TPSCLT-404BK/C/M/Y   USD 8.50
    TPSCLT-406BK/C/M/Y   USD 4.95
    TSCLT-407BK/C/M/Y   USD 4.80
    TSCLT-409BK/C/M/Y   USD 4.80
    TSCLT-504BK/C/M/Y   USD 7.50
    TSCLT-506BK/C/M/Y   USD 8.60
    Patent Brother Toner Cartridge
    TPTN 450/2220 USD2.75
    TPTN 660/2320 USD2.75
    TPTN221/241/251/261/291BK USD2.90
    TPTN225/245/255/265/295C/M/Y USD3.20
    TPTN223/227/243/247BK USD8.80 (with chip)
    TPTN223/227/243/247C/M/Y USD9.50 (with chip)
    TPTN423/433BK USD4.20
    TPTN423/433C/M/Y USD5.20
    New Compatible Ink Cartridges
    E-T2991-4 USD0.30
    E-T3351-4 USD0.40
    E-T1811-4 USD0.23
    E-T1281-4 USD0.28
    E-T0711-4 USD0.23
    PE-T502XLBK USD3.50 
    PE-T502XLC/M/Y USD2.70
    C-PGI580BK USD4.35
    C-CLI581BK/C/M/Y/GY USD4.30
    C-PGI570BK USD0.35
    C-CLI571BK/C/M/Y/GY USD0.30
    C-PGI250/350/450/550/650BK USD0.25
    C-CLI251/351/451/551/651BK/C/M/Y USD0.22
    C-PGI225/325/525/725/825BK USD0.28
    C-CLI226/326/526/726/826BK/C/M/Y USD0.23
    H564/364/862/178BK with chip USD0.50
    H564/364/862/178PBK/C/M/Y with chip USD0.45
    H-950XL/BK USD1.30
    H-951XL/C/M/Y USD1.20
    H-932XL/BK USD1.60
    H-933XL/C/M/Y USD1.55
    B-LC1240/1280BK USD0.23
    B-LC1240/1280C/M/Y USD0.21
    B-LC38/LC61/LC65/LC67/LC980/LC1100BK/XL USD0.21
    B-LC38/LC61/LC65/LC67/LC980/LC1100C/M/Y/XL USD0.19
    B-LC103/LC123/LC133/LC563BK USD0.30
    B-LC103/LC123/LC133/LC563C/M/Y USD0.28
    B-LC203/223/233BK USD0.48
    B-LC203/223/233C/M/Y USD0.45
    Price is based on FOB Shenzhen or Zhuhai with white box or Color box included. Free samples are available for testing.
    Emma He
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