Why Tonernews.com Call’s Gil M. “The Godfather” of Toner Pirate Boiler Rooms. (The Inside Scoop)

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Date: Thursday September 9, 2021 07:44:52 pm | Views: 149
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    Why Tonernews.com Call’s Gil Michaels “The Godfather” of California Toner Pirate Boiler Rooms. (The Inside Scoop)
    The Owner of Tonernews.com Use to Work for Michaels in a Toner Pirate Boiler Rooms in the 80’s. Gil Michaels was a heavy weight in the toner industry and a very successful player, that ran a smart (but illegal) business for 40 plus years.
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    History always has a way of catching up with you, sooner or later it’s inevitable. Thus is the story of Gil Michaels the owner of Mytel Int’l, located in Culver City California, whom we call the “Godfather” due to his recent bust by the feds for running toner pirate Boiler Rooms for the past 40 years. Gil’s Mytel, was one of the first businesses to pitch toner across the U.S. along with his old partner Debbie B., who developed a pitch called “the price Increase”, and to this day “the price Increase” is still being used by unscrupulous players in the quest for toner’s black gold, money!

    In the 80’s you could get away with many things, phones were ringing all the across the world for the latest in print technology called ink and toner. “The cold call”, Imagine waking every day to be at work by 6am and make 300+ calls to unsuspecting receptionist, secretaries, and their bosses, to make them listen to a BS story that “the price of their toner has gone up” and that you are holding the last toner boxes for them at the old price, and be done with work by 12 noon to have the rest of the day to fuck off. Well, that’s what i did in the 80’s, and i even had a brief stay at Gil Michaels Mytel’ in Culver City. I remember going through the back of his giant warehouse and along the way to your desk you pass and amazing original AC Ford 427 Cobra sports car, that was used to inspire cold callers. It was surreal, fun and also not legal.
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    Besides Gil, many other Toner Phoner Boiler Rooms empires rose and fell in that decade all-across Southern California, and that’s where I came from in the 80’s. After a while, Gil was no longer the king and “The Main Distribution Center” ran by 2 partners had taken his crown, and by late 80’s M.D.C. ruled all toner boiler rooms with hundreds of employees, doing tens of millions of dollars yearly in business.
    During the 80’s and 90’s the toner police never came around, but by year 2000, things did change and many of these boiler rooms did shut down, but from what i hear, these rooms in southern California are still around to this day!  Probably flight-by-nights that won’t be very successful, but you never know.

    Just this week the world famous New York Times quoted Tonernews.com due to our past background in the industry, here’s how they played it : TonerNews.com, a website devoted to writing about printing supplies, called Mr. Michaels “the California toner pirate godfather” in a post on Sunday. Mr. Michaels’s lawyer scoffed at the moniker. “Where do they get this stuff?” Mr. Levine said. “That’s just bizarre.”

    Tonernews.com would like to reply to Gil Michaels lawyer by saying that we speak from experience for having worked at these boiler rooms in southern California for over a decade in the 80’s and that everyone new Gil from the great success he had accomplished in the industry, and we would also like to say that we believe that old Gil Michaels is going to be ok. A few years in prisons (house arrest) is well worth the $20M+ he probably still has stashed from the golden days.
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