About Toner News


With 30+ years of experience in toner and inks business, Tonernews.com was designed to bring a community of companies together to be part of a positive business practice for all Toner and Ink wholesalers and remanufacturers, With the ability of bringing product information and News together unber one Umbrella, Tonernews.com helps to answer all the question companies have about most industry issues thus helping the promotion of an industry to the fullest of its potential.

Tonernews.com is and has been on the forefront of a booming industry,
Tonernews.com bring industry challenges to our readers and helps by addressing and analyzing these issues, and by taking a Pro Wholesale "Remanufacturer" stand we help to promote a fair and balance view to a sometimes challenging industry,

At Tonernews.com we help to Promote the big multi-million dollar players
and even the smallest of players, we believes in giving every company a fair share of Information for this industry regardless of the size of your business

Why Tonernews.com?

Because 95% of our readers are wholesale buyers.
Because we make a stand when other trade publications don't.
Because we have a history of providing product, News and innovative solutions to help you and your companies differentiate themselves from others, thus helping you to promote your business to the fullest of its potential.


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