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All Copy Products (ACP) Announces Merger with Toner Recycler LaserCycle USA.

All Copy Products (ACP) is pleased to announce their merger with LaserCycle USA, a Louisville, […]

U.S. Int’l ITC Files EPEAT Complaint Over HP Toner Firmware, Calls Out HP For Greenwashing Environmental Certification.

Click here or photo below to download the complaint!  

Canon Detonated the Bomb! It Will Produce a Smart Phone!

Xerox Unveils New Advertising Campaign Titled “We Make Work, Work.”

W. European OEM Printer Shipments Decreased to 4.1 Million in Q1,2023, YOY.

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OP-ED: AI – Email – Government Oversight and PRINT!

The significance of the printing press as a societal achievement was recently recognized in a […]

“Made in USA” Color Toner Cartridges For use in Kyocera, Konica Minolta And Ricoh Now Available!

“Made in USA”  Color Toner Cartridges For use in Kyocera, Konica Minolta And Ricoh Now […]

Malicious Codes: HP’s New Wolf Security Video Warns About Aftermarket Toner Chips. (Cool video)

HP chips in Original HP office printer cartridges contain tamper-resistant, proprietary HP firmware which helps […] Reports Widespread Counterfeit HP Toners in Circulation Across Europe. (See what part #’s are affected)

HP’s Famous “Wolf Dynamic Security” That Protect Against Counterfeit Toner Product Doesn’t Work! Counterfeit HP […]

Raven Launches New TNP-90-TNP-91 Konica Minolta Finished Toner Cartridges.

Hello and welcome to the latest news from your friends at Raven. Introducing our Konica […]

Tens of Thousands of Counterfeit HP-OEM-Toners Now Circulating All Over Europe, and HP Doesn’t Even Know About It YET!

This information was specifically released to to make the industry aware of these products […]

LD Products Releases ‘Witness Protection’ Videos To Warn About Intrusive OEM Scare Tatics for Ordering Non-OEM Toner. (6 cool videos)

LD Products Launches Dealer Channel Witness Protection Video Series. LD Products Channel Partner Division, the […]

URGENT: MPS PaperCut MF-NG Issues Vulnerability Bulletin!

Click here or Photo to read important PaperCut MPS bulletin!

Atlas Global Technologies LLC Sues HP Inc. Over WIFI (See the lawsuit)

Click here or photo to dowload the lawsuit! WIFI, Atlas Global Technologies LLC v. HP […]

Epson Warns Users of Upcoming Printer Firmware Updates for New SC-P9000-P8000-P7000-P6000 Ink Cartridges.

Click here or photo to download Epson firmware warning!

Spain Toner Recycler Bioservice, Gets Philanthropy Funds of €150,000 to Provides Jobs for People with Disabilities.

Bioservice, a social enterprise that manages and reuses waste such as toner and ink cartridges, […]

Viewing 10 topics - 1 through 21 (of 23423)
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