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OH-NO!!! Russia Gives Green Light for Pelikan New-Build Chinese Toner Cartridges.

A $900 Million Error – One of the Biggest Blunders in Banking History.

HP Printing President Tuan Tran On The ‘New Opportunity’ For Partners In….

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Amazon’s Alexa Now Brings Voice Commands to Ricoh Printers.

Amazon Offers $2,000 “Resignation Bonuses” to Bust Union Drive.

Ink Producers Under Intense Pressure Due to …..

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A Third of UK Printer Owners Are Not Using Reman Toner Cartridges.

China Urges U.S. to Lift Trade Restrictions….

Denver MLK School Cashes In With Office Depot Spending Spree

Xerox Now In Alliance With China’s Ninestar and Lexmark, What’s Next? 

Xerox Now In Alliance With China’s Ninestar and Lexmark, What’s Next? The Writing Was on […]

MORE China Silence of The Clones From, and

MORE Silence of The Clones From, and, and Also […]

Planet Ark Toner Recycler: Positive Headlines From Around the World.

Poor Thing: White Swan Turns Black by ‘Printer Toner’ Dumped Into UK Pond.

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Xerox Man Carl Icahn Buys Another 4 Million shares, Now Owns 27.5 Million Shares.

President Biden to Issue Executive Order on Chip Shortages as Silicon World Begs for Help.

USA’s Xerox Now In Financial Partnership With Chinese Ninestar-Lexmark.

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Altron/Bytes: The Biggest Authorized Xerox Distributor in the World is Now For Sale.

Judge Hands Epson $7 Million Judgement Over Ink Counterfeits.

Toner Plastics Pivots to Produce for Pandemic Needs.

Fake Amazon Reviews ‘Being Sold in Bulk’ Online.

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