Beware Of http://www.portprogrammer.com/ Scammers!

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Date: Monday April 17, 2017 04:14:31 pm | Views: 851
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    Beware Of http://www.portprogrammer.com/ Scammers!
    Att: they tried to Scam us into buying non-exitent product. 
    Their website was just put up, they are a scam, Beware Do-not ever Prepay them any money!
    here's the contact info they tried to use on us.

    MR DARYL ANDREWS ( Really an Asian guy)
    244 Moss Avenue
    BUNINYONG , VIC, 3357 / Victoria AU – Australia
    Tel: +61 427 671 760/ Fax: +61 427 880 110
    Email: info@portprogrammer.com

      You have been warned!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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