China Clone Toner Overproduction is Causing Havoc Around the Globe

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Date: Thursday September 5, 2019 11:41:59 am
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    China Clone Toner Overproduction is Causing Havoc Around the Globe and Destroying the Livelihood of Honest People.
    The After-Market Toner Industry Was Never Naturally Designed to Have So Much Overproduction.

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    There was a time when the Chinese Toner Cloners where small players in the industry and it did not impact the OEM's and the Remanufacturers ability to keep a market share of the industry, since the industry was naturally designed to only produce what it collected from empty-spend toner cartridges but a decades later, the Chinese toner cloner industry has quickly grown beyond its means.

    We understand the need to make money and have a successful business, but China's cloned Toner industry got greedy Really fast. Now Chinese backed Government Toner businesses have flooded dealers and resellers around the Globe with 8 to 10 Million Toners a month in overproduction. Too many companies in Asia are cloning toner and it doesn’t really matter if its IP safe or not, since it’s overproduction and since all these Chinese companies have 3 faces and make, IP clones and non-IP clones and even counterfeit goods at any given time.

    Brother Industries finally woke up to the reality this past month and sued around 30+ resellers of these fake goods, but from our point of view it’s kind of too little and too late in the game, especially at the speed that these lawsuits get settled. The Chinese are well aware of what's coming, they have put aside a fortune to defend themselves back in China, and for the most part have put all the burden on companies in the West to defend themselves Vs. the OEM lawsuits since the Chinese owners of these clone toner companies are all a bunch of rich wussies hiding in exile. 

    Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is complicit in The Global Toner Cloner Scam.
    After reading the latest headlines coming from China’s Recycling Times Media, you would think that it’s all ok, but not one of these Chinese toner cloner companies talks about recycling the empties of saving the planet! Some of these Chinese Toner cloner manufacturers have up to 20 or more patent lawyers working at any given time on ways to purposely go around OEM toner patents in order to claim that these patents as legitimate. Still NO OEM has ever authorized any of these many aftermarket company in China to make any toner consumable or parts thereof for resale, and for these Chinese businesses to do this to this day on such a huge scale, also shows that the Xi's Chinese Government is complicit in this ongoing scam. We are NO fan of Trump for the most part, but we agree with him 100% on his views with doing business in China especially in our toner industry. Xi's Chinese government knows very well what’s going in the after-market toner industry coming out of Shenzhen and has done nothing to control it or stop it, since it's part of their actual government agenda to keep it going.

    Now with constant lawsuit headlines, amazon takedowns and the demise of honest people in the West that has taken place over the past few years and especially these last few months, we should not be surprised that the industry is sadly going in the wrong direction and all of this is because of consequences from China's greedy clone toner industry. 
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