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    CHICAGO, Ill. – Clover Holdings Inc., a provider of vertically integrated, closed-loop environmental solutions, announced the acquisition of The Wireless Source, a global leader and provider of electronics trade-in and recycling solutions.

    The Wireless Source offers innovative private label solutions for in-store and on-line trade-in and recycling programs for wireless carriers, retailers, OEMs, businesses and charities. The company provides trade-in and recycling solutions for cell phones, laptops, net books, GPS, e-readers, digital cameras, MP3 players and many other categories of consumer electronics. The Wireless Source is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan with offices in New York, Minnesota and Toronto and provides services to more than 7,500-plus retail locations, 3,000-plus corporations and many charities and individuals. The company was named one of the Michigan 50 Companies to watch for in 2010.

    According to Bob Sullivan, president of The Wireless Source, “We are proud to be a member of the Clover family. Clover has a global footprint that enables us to support our major clients on a worldwide basis while supporting our market strategy of driving dynamic and innovative programs to an ever-changing marketplace.”

    Brian Regan, executive vice president of Clover Environmental Solutions, said, “The Wireless Source will continue to build off of its core strength of innovative trade-in and recycling solutions while offering superior customer support and services. In addition, this acquisition also allows Clover to over a wider range of services to our clients who are seeking trade-in and recycling solutions for electronics.”


    CTIA Exhibitor The Wireless Source Offers a Myriad of Trade-In Programs That Make Upgrading More Affordable
    Bloomfield Hills, Mich., March 1 2011 – Consumers are upgrading their phones at a faster and faster pace. Unlike the old days, when phones were fairly simple and often were very inexpensive or nearly free, the new phones command top prices. Trade-in programs make these new phones more affordable by offering customers instant or mail-in credits for their used devices that can be applied to the purchase of a new phone.
    Bob Sullivan, CEO of The Wireless Source, a private label trade-in program provider stated, “Trade-in programs are becoming vitally important to wireless service providers and OEM’s alike. Trade-in programs provide a logical mechanism to reduce the purchase price of a new device without having to discount the product. Many used phones are worth $50 dollars or more. It’s a great way to incent customers to purchase your products. Consumers leverage these programs to purchase their favorite brands and recognize them as the simplest way to upgrade for less cost.”

    As consumers upgrade their phones more rapidly, many have little or no use for their used phones. It is estimated that 130 million cellular phones are being retired each year.

    According to Sullivan, “Most of these retired devices end up in desk drawers or glove boxes, so it is logical that consumers would prefer to get a trade-in value for their used phone, when they buy a new phone. It provides a financial incentive for them to upgrade sooner.”

    The benefit is also for the retailers. Most retailers are finding that the Trade-in solution is not only increasing their overall sales volume, but is increasing the transactional value of each sale. Consumers have given the trade-in process very high marks for usability and its strong promotional value.

    The Trade-in program also has a great environmental benefit. All working devices are reused and unusable phones are recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Further, any personal data that resides on the used phone is removed once it is received at the Trade-in Center.The Wireless Source is a global leader in the collection, processing and reuse of wireless technologies. The company supports trade-in and recycling services to wireless service provider, retailers, businesses and consumers in secure and environmentally sound manner. The Wireless Source is an ISO14001 registered company.

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