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    2005 Guangzhou International Printer Technology and Consumables Expo  

    With China’s Economy developing rapidly in recent years, the demand for printers and consumables has been raised by all industries. The printing industry has increased at a rate of over 30% every year, and it has become one of the most potent developing industries in China. Many international printer and consumables manufacturers have set up their production base in China.

    The 2005 Guangzhou International Printer Technology and Consumable Expo is being planned in response to these issues. Scheduled March 11-14, 2005, at Chinese (Guanzhou) Export Commodities Fairground and Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Center, the Expo is organized by Trust Exhibition Co., COEX (Korea), Expolink Global Network Ltd. (Thailand), and China Computer Industry Association, in conjunction with Guangdong International Advertising Expo, one of the biggest sign expos in China.

    As one of the three biggest economic centers in China, and located near Hong Kong, Macau and South-East Asia, Guangzhou is a gate for imports and exports of local and foreign enterprises. "Pearl River Delta," the biggest consumption market in China, is not only a primary investment place, but also an important manufacturing base for printers and consumables. Organizers believe that holding a Printer Show annually in Guangzhou could help the printing market of South China flourish and accelerate the communication and development of China and the global printing industry.

    "Printer 2005" is currently the only professional exposition on printers and consumables in South China. Along with AD EXPO, which is one of the most large-scale and influential sign expos in China and Asia, Printer Expo 2005 will benefit a common client relationship between the printing industry and sign industry.

    Organizers are going to cooperate with over 40 related professional magazines and Web sites to publicize Printer Expo 2005.

    Exhibits will include:

    • Printer Series: Dot Matrix Printer, Laser Printer, Inkjet Printer, Thermal Printer, Thermal Label Printer, Dye-Sublimation Printer, Multi-Function Printer, Large Format Printer, Universal Printer, Special Printer, Subminiature Printer
    • Printer Equipment & Consumables: Ink Cartridge, Ink Refill, Toner Cartridge, Toner, Inkjet Paper, Ribbon, Carbon Ribbon, Chip Restorer, Floppy Disk, and Other Consume Material
    • Output/Printing Devices: Copy Machine, Fax Machine, Lettering Machine, High-Speed Printing Machine, Laminating Machine, Card Machine, Code-Printing Machine, POS System, Exposure Machine, Design Plotter, Blueprint Machine
    • Digital Imaging Systems: DV Input System, Digital Imaging Output Printing System, Image Managing Software, Printing Paper
    • Accessories and Components of Printing Equipment and Filling & Testing Devices for Printing Consumable
    • Enabled or Regenerative Products and other Replacements of Printing Consumable
    • Testing Software & Hardware, System Software and Application Software for Printing Equipment.

    Exhibitors can apply to the organizers for scheduling technology exchange lectures.

    For other information on the Expo, interested parties may inquire for an application form and then fax or mail the completed, signed form to the organizers. The organizer will confirm the application by fax or mail.

    Details are available from Liu Xiao Yun, Trust Exhibition Co., Ltd., at telephone +8620 – 3884 5362 / 3884 5358; Fax +8620 – 3884 5361; or from E-mail: [email protected]; Trust Exhibition Web site; Overseas Agent Expolink (Thailand) at telphone +66- 2640-8013 or E-mail: [email protected].

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