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Date: Thursday September 28, 2006 10:48:00 am | Views: 127
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    Dell to Expand Central Texas Engineering Employment by 500
    SEP 06
    Governor Lauds Investment in Professional Jobs, Central Texas Technology Base
    Texas–Dell plans to hire an additional 500 engineers to work in its
    Central Texas product development operations as part of its dedication
    to providing customers the broadest and best product and services
    portfolio available, the company announced today. Dell will begin
    hiring immediately.”This year Dell will have the most technically
    advanced product line in our company’s history,” said Chairman Michael
    Dell. “The additional development expertise we’re announcing today for
    our Austin Design Center reflects our concept of Dell 2.0, an
    initiative to revitalize every part of our business with engineering
    excellence at its core. No other company in our industry has a greater
    commitment to innovation in computing,” Mr. Dell said.Speaking at a
    news conference with Gov. Rick Perry at the Texas Capitol, Mr. Dell
    said the infusion of engineering talent to the company’s Texas
    development team — already Dell’s largest — will benefit customers
    from the datacenter to the living room.”Our engineering teams play a
    key role in building products and services that set the standard for
    our industry,” Mr. Dell said.”We’re all moving toward a global,
    technology-based economy, and thanks to Dell and its undeniable
    leadership in expanding access to information technology around the
    world, Texas is at the forefront of that movement,” said Gov. Perry.
    “By deepening its engineering and employment roots in Central Texas,
    Dell continues to do the state proud.”Mr. Dell said the decision to add
    to its Central Texas development team was an easy one because of the
    company’s robust existing research and development base here and the
    ability to attract top engineering talent to a region known for its
    high quality of life.Dell this year has introduced a new generation of
    servers and desktop computers that deliver greater performance and
    enhanced energy efficiency, new storage products, new notebook systems
    and new printers. Dell’s ninth-generation (9G) PowerEdge servers use
    Intel’s latest Xeon 5100 series processors. The company earlier this
    month launched Dimension desktop computers with AMD processors and
    plans to introduce a two-socket and multi-processor server using AMD
    Opteron processors later this year.”While others in our industry reduce
    or relocate resources, Dell is making a long-term investment in our
    competitiveness in Central Texas and the United States,” said Mr. Dell.
    “As we grow globally, Texas’ business landscape continues to serve as a
    model for competitiveness and economic development. Gov. Perry and the
    state’s policymakers deserve credit for maintaining a climate in which
    companies such as Dell can grow and prosper.”By the end of the fiscal
    year, Dell will have opened or expanded 14 new manufacturing, call
    center, and design and development facilities over a two-year period.
    These expansions include key investments in the top growth markets
    outside the U.S., including China, India, Germany and Brazil, to ensure
    that Dell can design, manufacture and provide service close to its
    customers for the long-term.The engineering hiring planned for the
    company’s Central Texas development operations is among the series of
    investments this year to enhance Dell’s design, production and customer
    service capabilities. Among those investments are:– More than 2,000
    new sales and support personnel have been hired in the U.S., including
    1,000 people in Nashville; call centers also have been added or
    expanded in Oklahoma City, Ottawa and Manila

    — Hiring of more than 500 employees at the company’s Winston-Salem, N.C. manufacturing facility

    — A new manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China, doubling the company’s production capacity in that market.

    — A 40-percent increase in notebook production and distribution capacity in Malaysia

    — The company’s first manufacturing facility in India, which is expected to begin production in the first half 2007

    — A second European manufacturing facility located in Poland, scheduled to open in the second half of 2007.

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