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Date: Tuesday September 19, 2006 11:10:00 am | Views: 143
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    OfficeMax to restructure contract division
    September 2006 — Naperville (IL): OfficeMax has announced a major restructure of its contract division.
    company is consolidating the management structure of its large and
    mid-sized sales teams to create one comprehensive sales organisation
    with a clear focus on delivering “customer value”.In an exclusive
    interview with OPI , Harry Dochelli, EVP of US operations said: “We are
    now bringing these two organisations together so we don’t have a
    fragmented sales approach. We believe that this will allow us to
    enhance our efficiency and strategy delivery in the field. Most
    importantly it allows us to get focused and concentrate our efforts on
    meeting customers’ needs.”The company will consolidate corporate and
    field distribution responsibilities under the supply chain organisation
    to create a more efficient and effective product distribution system.
    Mike Rowsey, president of the company’s contract division said that the
    restructure “clearly simplifies the business in terms of who owns
    strategy and who owns execution and we believe over the next six months
    we’ll take a fairly significant amount of cost out of our business”.

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