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Date: Friday December 18, 2009 02:52:51 am | Views: 425
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    This is  Ms Tina as a Sales Representative from SUMMIT ENTERPRISE PTE.LTD(Factory ).

    we are very good quality control for toner cartridges,inkjet cartridge and Printer ribbon

     More detailed information welcome to visit my website:http://www.summit-image.com

    Due to the Christmas and New Year Is coming, from my past Experiences,  some customers need orders urgently before holiday, in order to shorten the delivery time
    we prepared some stocks for Most popular models, here is our stock list for your checking

    DES                  QTY


    2612                   300PCS

    7115                   300PCS

    4092                   400PCS

    5949                   500PCS

    7553                   200PCS

    5942                  100PCS

    5945                  100PCS

    505A                  200PCS

    364A                  300PCS

    435A                  400PCS

    436 A                 400PCS

    4092                   300PCS

    4129X                50PCS


    Samsung1610      100PCS

    Samsung 2010     150PCS

    Samsung 4521     100PCS

    Samsung 4100     80PCS

    Lexmark 232         100PCS

    Lexmark 120         150PCS

    Lexmark 350          50PCS


     BrotherTN2000        200PCS

     BrotherTN2025        300PCS

     Brother TN3170       100PCS


    6000-6003                       100sets

    540-543         100sets

    530-533                      150sets

    9720-9723                   80sets

    2670-2673        80sets


    HP21                    100PCS

    HP22                    100PCS

    HP56                        200PCS

    HP57                        100PCS


    EPSON LQ2170      2000PCS

    ERC38                     1000PCS

    ERC27                     1000PCS

    LQ590                       2000PCS


    If you have any need, pls feel free to contact me, we can delivery immediately to you
    Yahoo: zssummit@yahoo.com
    Skype: tinasummit

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