More Than 73,000 Infected With China Coronavirus!

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Date: Friday February 14, 2020 11:21:50 am | Views: 1536
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    More Than 73,000 Infected!
    China Coronavirus Official Numbers of Deaths are Above 20,000+, Infected 100,000+.

    Coronavirus update from people working in China in the toner industry, got this information confidentiality.
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    This is first-hand information, I just had a short phone call with my (friend).  This is what he knows: official numbers of deaths above 20,000, infected around 100,000 but has been decreasing in the last few days, the whole part of southeast (and half of) China is infected area, which means a complete isolation, 1 family member can leave home once in a night for shopping or urgent visits, further they are ordered to work online as much as possible. Lock-up period for Wuhan (hot spot) at least till May 1st, we heard of 2 journalists bringing out the real news have disappeared. British medical researcher, Jeremy Farrar (worked in Ho Chi Min hospital, Vietnam), prof. of Tropical Medicine & Immunology (Oxford uni.) isn’t very optimistic,  he says “a vaccine will come too late and this is only the beginning“.
    Here’s how bad the global economy could get as the coronavirus outbreak rages. is not in the business of being an alarmist, please take this information for what it is and use your own judgement about the Coronavirus wisely, we decided to post this news since a lot of people in the toner industries are also located in China and we felt that it was important enough to get this information out to everyone around the globe.
    The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of
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