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How Chinese Toner Chip Manufacturers are Forced to Share Chip-Data with China Gov., and Why OEM Firmware is Needed.

Have you heard about the National Intelligence Law (NIL) of China? NIL applies to all […]

Mito’s ‘Green Leading Enterprise’ AWARD is a Joke After Getting Busted for Discharging Pollution at Facility.

In case you haven’t heard, China’s Mito Was just exposed by a shocking report of […]

Chinese Clone Toner and Psychological Abuse of Under Age Workers and Factory Discharge of Environmental Pollution.

Chinese Toner and The Psychological Abuse of Underage Workers and Factory Discharge of Environmental Pollution. […]

Canon Sues Print-Rite Imaging Technology Inc-Union Technology International Co. Ltd For Counterfeit Toner. (See the lawsuit)

Click photo to dowload the lawsuit! Canon Inc. v. Print-Rite Imaging Technology Inc. et al […]

1,202 Counterfeit Chinese Toner listings Removed from Amazon in Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, France and The Netherlands.

Click photo to read article!

106 Counterfeit Chinese Toner Listings Removed from Amazon in Canada, Mexico and the USA.

Click photo to read article!

500 Counterfeit Chinese Toner Cartridge Listing Removed from Amazon Because of Apex/Geehy Infringing Chips.

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Hey China’ Ninestar, Calling USA’s ‘Fake News’ Wont’ Stop us From Telling the Truth!!!

Calling ‘Fake News’ was the On-Going Theme at China’s Hot Potato Webinar last week, […]

China’s Ninestar ‘Hot Potato’ Webinar More Like Rotten Potato Show!

The recent Hot Potato webinar promoting Ninestar’s environmental stewardship is propaganda at its finest. And […]

U.S. Puts $10 Million Bounty for Intel on Russia’s Hive Ransomware.

Alright: Epson Donates More EcoTank Printers to The Usain Bolt Foundation in Jamaica.

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European Remanufacturer, GM Technology Says NO to Plastic in its Toner Packaging (Cool video)

Australia’s Only ‘Print Paper’ Operation is Closing Down, Unable to Source Following Environmental Court Decision.

Facebook Defeats Patent Involved in a Xerox Infringement Suit.

Click photo to read article!

Canon Targets Chinese Ninestar Alias Brands on Amazon, Counterfeit HP Toner Removed! (IMAGE SHOP as Lemero brand)

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Xerox Q4 Earnings Sees Spike in Profits and Sales, Demand & Supply Chain Conditions Improve.

Impression Solutions Launches IS Docs, Turnkey Document Management for Dealers. (Video)

Lexmark is not Aware of any Malicious Codes Used Against their Printers Even Dough Proof has Been Published.

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The President of a Local Cartridge World is Highlighted by local TV Station. (Cool video)

Office Depot (ODP) Awarded California Statewide PC Contracts for China Lenovo Technology.

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Legendary NY Yankee Player Becomes Game-Changer for Print Industry.

International Paper to Sell Stake in Russian Operation for $484 Million.

How and Others Helped HP Inc. Go After Exiled Chinese Toner and Ink Scammers. was the first industry news organization to take on China’s clone-counterfeit toner and ink […]

HP Sues 11 Mostly Exiled Chinese Ink and Toner Cartridge Scammers That Copy the OEM’s Boxes. (See the Impressive 49 page Lawsuit)

Click any photos below to download the lawsuit! HP-v-Wiseta-et-al.-01 23 2023  

CHEAPSKATE: Lexmark Announces “X Marks the Spot” Social Sweepstakes for Small Businesses. ($500)

Click CHEAPSKATE to read article!

DigiMedia Tech, LLC Sues Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. (See the lawsuit)

Click Photo to download the lawsuit! DigiMedia Tech, LLC v. Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. 01 […]

Clover Imaging New Product Alert! Reman HP 212A Color Toner Now Available!

A Look Inside a Suspected Chinese Police Station in New York City. (Video)

LSC Communications to Close Pennsylvania Printing Plants, Impacting 656 Workers. (Former R.R. Donnelley)

Canon is the Only Company in the World to Place in the top 5 US Patent Rankings for 37 Consecutive Years.

Click photo ot read article!

Kelly Glaser Promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gordon Flesch Company.

HP Can’t Dodge Lawsuit Claiming It Misled Investors on Layoffs in 2017.

China’s Alibaba Seeks to Boost Sales Abroad With Buy Now, Pay Later. (Beware)

Why Printed Paper Remains a Keystone of Education in the Digital Era.

Oracle and HP Declare Truce After $30 Million Verdict. (Confidential settlement agreement)

Fujifilm Partners with Gooten for Print-On-Demand Capabilities.

Canon Opens Two New Business Centers in the UK and Ireland.

World’s Largest Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer INTEL is Laying Off Over 500 In California, Says More To Come….

Click photo to read article!

Clover Imaging Group Achieves GreenCircle Certification.

Half of All ‘ENVIRONMENTAL CLAIMS’ About Products are Full of Crap, says European Union.

Viewing 40 topics - 1 through 40 (of 23,186 total)

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