China’s Clone Toner News Site Targets Clover Imaging Video, Starts Controversy, Rattles Aftermarket.

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Date: Saturday August 20, 2022 12:09:18 pm | Views: 922
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    Chinese toner cloners still looking for legitimacy after a decade of counterfeiting.

    On July 28th, 2022. Clover imaging stepped up and releases a video slamming Chinese toner due to its single use application, for polluting US landfills and the environment. David Gibbons the voice of the Chinese toner industry came out with a blunt statement (see below) basically accusing Clover of being politically motivated and stating that “the producers are ignorant of the truth”. It’s obvious that David was influenced to make his views felt since very rich Chinese government officials and the people that run Ninestar were taken back by this video. Furthermore, David states that you can expect “a push back on the dangerous misinformation being peddled from the US by Clover”.

    Unfortunately, China’s toner industry doesn’t have a leg to stand on with their long history of counterfeiting and deceit, but it will be interesting to see how Ninestar responds to this and if it will sway dealers and resellers from buying and reselling these fake Chinese goods.

    “Don’t let the fear of silence fill the echoes of all things you left unsaid”
    Since 2018 Tonernews.com has been pointing out how China’s clone toner industry has been on the wrong side of history, while doing so, we have built up a vast network of fans and advertisers with this blunt approach. It’s nice to see companies freely expressing their voices and discontent about what counterfeiters did to our once thriving US industry, considering how few remanufactures are left. We have also been looking for a total BAN on Chinese toner in the US for long time, and with help from Clover, UII, Planet Green, Laser Imaging, Liberty Laser the I-ITC, and many others, we feel closer than ever that these China products will be banned from US import. We encourage everyone that enjoys free speech to write to us with your views and opinions so that we can share it with the industry. Speak up America. Tonernews@gmail.com

    Response from RTMWorld.com.
    News that HP is shredding up to 100,000 empty cartridges per day broke two weeks ago but the story will just not go away. Sure, these empties are not ending up in landfill but the opportunity to “reuse” and remanufacture these cartridges has been entirely lost. Let’s face it, HP wants to keep those empties away from the aftermarket and it has very little to do with being environmentally friendly.

    The I-ITC and Clover have released a video stating all third-party cartridges coming out of China are clones, or copycat infringing products. The video also claims the Chinese companies are no longer remanufacturing and the country is environmentally inept as a result. Was the video politically motivated? Are the producers ignorant of the truth?

    You can imagine the reaction I have received from several bosses and CEOs of cartridge remanufacturing companies in China. And you can expect they will push back on the dangerous misinformation being peddled from the US. You can tell when the market is heating up when competitors take decisive action against each other. David Gibbons

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