Is President Trump Reading on Twitter?

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Date: Thursday July 23, 2020 01:45:59 pm | Views: 1217
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    Is President Trump Reading on Twitter?
    The U.S. Government’s Shut-Down of China’s Embassy in Houston Has Strange Coincidences With a Article. The Next Day After Releases An Article About China’s Chipjet Chips, Trump Shut Down The Chinese Consulate in Houston.
    Twitter says it will label tweets from Trump and other leaders ...
    At we have been blasting on Twitter since 2009 and we are pretty good at it ?, we believe that President Trump has been following us at for a couple of years now. On July 21st, 2020 we re-released an article by Uk’s Therecycler about Chipjet chips not being affected by Hp’s latest firmware update called ” Hey Hp! Apparently China’s ChipJet Chips Has Already Beat Your Latest Printer Firmware Update“, the actual source of this article was originally from in China. In the article apparently China’s Chipjet was flaunting it’s latest work around toner chip solution for hp printer firmware updates. Now to us in the industry hearing about these printer and toner chip solutions is really no big deal, we’ve been hearing about these firmware updates for a decade now and to date only 24 people have read this article on, really no big deal, but to Hp who by the ways has a technology center in Houston this is a very, very big deal. 

    To Hp Inc., China’s Chipjet chips and Ninestar-Apex’s Chips are actual proof of technology theft and industrial espionage, this is factual and uncontested since it’s blatantly been going on in our industry for so long, and think about all the other industries affected by the same China issues that we have been experiencing in our industry for over a decade. It would not surprise us at if Hp and other companies with similar issues reached out to the Trump administration and knowing President Trump fairly well and with lagging pole numbers, did his thing in his own way to address the issue, also if would not surprise us at if Chipjet and Ninestar-Apex’s were really the same company.
    Gabriele: What Eco could teach us about Trump and Twitter ...
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