Kyocera Launches “Kyocera Insights”, A Livestream Format for Retail Partners and End Users.

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Date: Thursday July 15, 2021 09:33:09 am | Views: 203
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    Kyocera Launches “Kyocera Insights”, A Livestream Format for Retail Partners and End Users.
    With “Kyocera Insights”, the output and document management specialist Kyocera Document Solutions has launched a new live stream format that provides insights into the office and working world of the future at regular intervals.
    Kyocera startet Livestream-Format für Fachhandelspartner und Endkunden
    The format, which is moderated by ntv presenter Torsten Knippertz, differs greatly from classic webcasts and is much more similar to a TV broadcast. Each issue is also dedicated to its own focus and provides insights into current trends in the office world. Experts from science and business have their say, while end customers and partners report from practice. The audience can take part in the discussion in the studio via chat and surveys.

    The first episode, which aired in late June, was watched by over 300 viewers, according to Kyocera. Under the motto “Quo vadis office”, Tilman Naujoks (Fraunhofer IAO) and Marco Becker (IDC) discussed whether the home office will continue to exist after Corona. The experts pointed out the advantages of flexible working methods for employees and companies, but also found that many companies have difficulties implementing corresponding new work concepts. This is also where New Work podcaster Christoph Magnussen started in his keynote. In this he promoted a new management culture.

    The second part of the program dealt with the technological requirements of remote working – especially information management. The focus here was the Kyocera “Workflow Manager”: The DMS solution from Kyocera was specially developed for small and medium-sized companies and simplifies access to important documents; also from the home office. Customers include the company Buß Byproducts, who reported on their experiences with the Kyocera “Workflow Manager” as part of the program.

    With the new format, Kyocera is pursuing the goal of further sharpening its positioning in the DMS and ECM market. Kyocera Insights has the motto “Making information faster”. In addition to the broadcast on its own corporate blog ( , the company also offers additional articles, as well as podcasts and background information on the respective topics. Further broadcasts are already in preparation. The next broadcast should go on air as early as the beginning of September. Then topic: sustainability in the office. To be there, all you have to do is  register on the website . The first episode “Quo vadis Büro” is also available here as video-on-demand.
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