RUMOR: Is Japan’s Epson Now in Silent Partnership With China’s Ninestar?

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Date: Friday April 14, 2023 03:02:19 pm
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    If what we are assuming is true, the aftermarket has a lot to consider
    with this new possible alliance, but this also raise antitrust issues.

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    Photo of one of Chinese Ninestar top ink cartridge brands

    Everyone who’s been in this industry for a long time knows that Epson is well known for suing everyone and their mother if anyone touches their fancy ink consumables, but for Epson to actually quietly partner with their Chinese arch nemesis? must mean that Epson cannot rein in Ninestar over their tens of millions of fake ink cartridge consumables they manufacture every month, therefor partnering up with this Chinese state owned entity (CCP) might be easier than suing them for years on end to the point of no return.

    We have verified these Epson and Ninestar events by contacting Apex who said that “they no longer sell Epson chips”, who then referred us to Ninestar who as of last week, has no problem selling their own Epson cloned ink consumable finished goods with chips to any business here in the U.S..

    Epson personally contacted to inform us that, Epson recently filed complaints against Image Armor, LLC, I-Group Technologies LLC, Creek Manufacturing LLC and Service Watch Systems, LLC, and others. that allege infringement of patent claims that were already decided in actions filed with the ITC which resulted in two General Exclusion orders barring the importation of all newly built and remanufactured cartridges that infringe the claims.

    Epson has NOT sued Ninestar in any U.S. or EU. courts in recent years.
    If Epson had NOT silently partnered with Ninestar then they would have surely been mentioned in these new lawsuits, but from what we are seeing they are no mention of them anywhere? even though Ninestar has hundreds of alias brands on Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and other global e-commerce sites that sell millions of fake goods every month, that are ripe and easy picking for any Epson ink cartridge lawsuits.

    Ninestar is now the biggest Epson ink cloner in the world. With their Ink-tank plant in Shenzhen, they now have 40+ toner and ink plastic molding machines who crank out 24/7 tens of millions of (fake) clone toner and inks every month. and with revenues in the billions, they seem unstoppable, but every empire crumbles sooner or later.

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