RUMOR: Massive Changes at Xerox in Q1 2024, And It’s Not Going to be Pretty! ☹

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Date: Tuesday December 19, 2023 04:02:04 pm
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    Xerox unveils new lowercase logo
    OPINION: Coming in Q1 2024 the massive shakeup and reorganization we have all been waiting years to happen. Look for Xerox to remedy the Fuji relationship, SAG expense, global geographies that are under water, and fix having competitive product (sold by FBI and Sharp) that are newer than Xerox models. Anticipate the resizing of Xerox, trading off, of existing Xerox Geographic regions to Fuji, in exchange for reduced competitive pressure an alliance with Sharp and Fuji. Expect massive shakeup and reorganization. Resulting in staff reductions in Q1 2024.

    OPINION: If you mean by big changes that they are selling everything else that was previously bolted down, then yeah. This place is like walking into a Kmart before it closes for good, but what is even more funny are the people here in Webster finishing their 2023 reviews inputs before they leave for the year so they feel “safe” – now it always makes me laugh as those goals inputs by the employees in gemss are chalk full of so much bs it would make hunter Biden blush… I solved nuclear fusion cured cancer and volunteered 80 hours of time per week that type of shit completely useless.

    OPINION: Something MUST change – Xerox, and the entire office / print industry are NOT on a path to long term success – declining sales across everyone’s results, and now more competitors (Fuji & Sharp) – what’s wrong with this picture? No wonder Icahn flew the coop-took his losses and moved on-he is a quick hitter-what has to happen now is a long, hard and risky path, no magic tricks of buying a bigger competitor. Someone has to make the first move toward consolidation. Bring it on. Let’s get back to strength if a reorg can do that.
    RUMOR: Xerox is Killing Off Their eConcierge Supplies Monitoring-Ordering Platform. (no statement from Xerox on this?) | Tonernews

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