Staples Germany Looking To Expand as a ​​logistics Service Company.

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Date: Wednesday September 30, 2020 11:32:01 am
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    Staples Germany Looking To Expand as a ​​logistics Service Company.
    Staples Germany is expanding its competence as a third party logistics provider (3PL) and wants to offer its services to medium-sized market partners.
    About our Company | Yusen Logistics

    As a third party logistics provider, Staples takes on the storage and transport of their goods for other companies and integrates them into their own infrastructure. By outsourcing this service to Staples, the external companies can process the ordering process for their goods professionally and quickly without having a logistical infrastructure themselves, according to the provider.

    “Especially against the background of increasing shipping volumes and ever faster international deliveries, this represents a high and decisive competitive advantage in a highly competitive market”, says Alexander Kloster, Supply Chain & Procurement Director at Staples Germany.

    Transport and storage costs could be reduced and delivery times shortened significantly. Since logistics and storage are also handed over to Staples, the capital tied up could be greatly reduced. In addition, the company offers to assume full responsibility for inventory management, product order lists and the entire fulfillment
    Team Freight & Logistics on Twitter: "We helps you realise your business goal with a broad of transport and logistics services. - Air Freight - Ocean Freight - Cargo - Ground Transport -

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