Staples Netherlands Files for Bankruptcy. ☹ 

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Date: Wednesday October 18, 2023 07:13:52 pm
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    Staples Netherlands is bankrupt, according to the insolvency register. The total supplier of everything in the field of office supplies has apparently run into financial problems. Staples Benelux is an independent organization that originally emerged from the American Staples Inc. and the Dutch Corporate Express.

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    The team in Almere and Brussels delivers 20,000 items from the distribution center in Almere to customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Last year, an agreement was reached on the acquisition of parts of Office Centre. Staples took over the online business, as well as the customer contracts and part of the account management. Almost all 438 employees in the Netherlands lost their jobs, 32 branches closed permanently. The total debt amounted to 70 million euros.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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