Tech Data Launches “FootPRINT Campaign” for Printers and Supplies.

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Date: Tuesday December 10, 2019 11:32:54 am | Views: 409
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    Tech Data Launches “FootPRINT Campaign”
    for Printers and Supplies.

    Under the motto “FootPRINT”, Tech Data launches its first multivendor sustainability campaign for distribution partners in Germany. The campaign helps manufacturers and distributors focus more on sustainability in printer and supplies sales.

    Until May 31, 2020, distribution partners of the Munich distributor have the opportunity to participate in the new cross-manufacturer campaign and to win not only a knowledge advantage but also attractive prizes. The cross-manufacturer campaign, which runs until the end of May 2020, focuses on particularly ecological and sustainable products – in the “Green Corner”, for example, particularly sustainable products including CO 2 -neutral shipping are presented. Distributors can also enhance their expertise in the subject with background knowledge and playfully prove their knowledge of printers and supplies as part of an online quiz that starts in January 2020.

    “Perhaps some partners are feeling the same in the current climate and environmental debate: some arguments seem exaggerated, while others do not really do justice to the explosive nature of the situation on our planet. What remains is a vague feeling, combined with the clear desire to make a contribution, “explains Henning Rieger, Director of the Business Unit Printer & Supplies at Tech Data. “It was a personal concern of mine and my team to help protect the environment with this campaign. More and more printer manufacturers now offer both products and sustainability programs, and as a distributor, we are happy to take on the task of bringing these manufacturers across to the IT channel as part of a campaign. “

    With the “FootPRINT” -Incentive, participating sales partners receive individual turnover targets after their registration, after which they can count on various main and special prices. Among other things, profits such as pedelecs, cargo bikes, train tickets and much more are available. In addition, as part of its purchase or investment decision, Tech Data supports partners with valuable details of environmental programs and emissions levels from each manufacturer’s printing technology.

    Should a partner consciously want to forego profits, but remain committed to the topic, Tech Data offers a CO 2 compensation in the equivalent of the profit. The compensation is provided by the non-profit organization atmosfair, which carries out climate protection projects.

    In December, the participants can expect a special special: The online advent calendar offers daily special promotions or small daily prices of the participating manufacturers Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

    More information about the “FootPRINT” campaign can be obtained from interested sales partners at

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