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Date: Wednesday December 29, 2021 12:29:20 pm | Views: 357
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    Keymaster Favorite Story of 2021.
    2021 another wacky year, lots of industry news,
    mostly centered around lawsuits and the Chinese way of doing business.
    How to develop a business plan for 2021 - The Business Journals

    Since everyone in the industry is STILL copying our exact news, style, and format, we have branched off into new important information fields for the industry to pay attention to and to focus on, of course all related to print one way or another. In 2021 we released less articles then in 2020 but our readership is way up, we now average 300+ views per article (go back in time to see these views on and we now have the ability to get any articles that we choose to reach over 1,000 views. this is great for of loyal advertisers who have stuck with us over the years and who like our honest and aggressive industry approach to the subjects on hand. some of our advertisers now enjoy over 10,000 views on their promotions.

    We are still the only new site that shows our total views per article to the industry, and this kind of transparency is not shared by any other industry news site, probably because most these other news sites are lucky if 50 people read their article at any given time. We broke some big stories in 2021, even the world-famous New York Times and the Washington Post contacted us. Our social media abilities have made a big difference in how our news is being read. We are about to break 10,000 followers on LinkedIn alone and twitter and go together like Copy and Paste and a Wink & a Smile 🙂

    Of course, there are so many great stories to look back on but our favorite story was actually a video that HP pulled off, HP rocked the promotion of ink cartridges with their PTA back to school specials last September, but it’s no longer available? so for the sake of the holidays and to keep thing lite, we chose this video as out top story of 2021. This pretty much sums up the industry.

    Woman Goes Mad Over Printer.
    (Click Photo to See Video!)Woman's epic conversation with her printer proves they are designed to drive us all mad - Upworthy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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