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Date: Monday December 28, 2020 11:49:39 am | Views: 724
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    Keymaster’ Top Story of 2020 and The Crazy Year In Review.
    Difficult Year With Lots of Lawsuits and Hard Times For Everyone Affiliated With The Industry.

    It’s been a hard one, very challenging and Covid-19 only made it worst for an industry already in despair from the onslaught of fake Chinese goods that have been circulating the globe for over a decade now. The top 5 Chinese toner cloner producers are still thriving and taking it to bank thus costing honest recyclers, remanufacturers and OEM’s at least $2 Billion in losses in 2020, that also included a loss of 16,000 jobs by Canon, Hp, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox.

    2021 The Year of the Class Action-Lawsuit Vs. China Toner Cloners.
    As if things weren’t difficult enough, let’s not forget our ‘Made in China’ famous Pandemic Covid-19, that has changed how we do business and live our lives around the globe and cost the lives of so many innocent people. Chinese Toner cloners have showed great resilience despite the all-out effort from and the many OEM lawsuits and amazon product takedowns that are well known to the industry. In 2021 we will be introducing a U.S. industry-wide, multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit Vs. the top Chinese toner-cloner producers. It’s time that the OEM’s join forces with the reman toner industry and get this lawsuit going and put an end to this scam coming from China since patent lawsuits are too costly and take way too long to settle. 

    Like we said It’s been a serious year and the headlines on for 2021 are going to be as challenging as 2020, but as always we look forward to a prosperous year for everyone who’s selling print around the globe. Our favorite story of 2020 is the Tribute To George Floyd By Keedron Bryant, Listen!

    Click Photo For Video!

    12-year-old sings moving song about being young African American ...

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