About Last Weeks Hacking Of Tonernews.com.

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Date: Tuesday June 13, 2017 11:56:21 am
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    About Last Weeks Hacking Of Tonernews.com.
    Stay On Top Of Everything IT At All Times, Because If You Dont Your Enemies Will. 
    by Jim@tonernews.com .

    It was a very long week for us to get Tonernews.com back up and running, people from all over the world where helping and we got it done finally on the 5th day last Friday, we learned a hard lesson to never take your website for granted, always do all your back up, check all files and folders and stay on top of everything at all times, because if you don't surely your enemies will. 

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    We didn't have to look very far to figure out where this came from, right after we released this article about the Apex toner chip 200% price increasing and the take down of Lexmark at the U.S.. supreme court, things went hay-wire for us from that moment on. 
    Our industry is watched and closely monitored by some very big players, although the industry as a whole is really not that big , the quest to control print in anyway is still a very important issue to the these companies,  China is obviously no friend of Tonernews and their friendly relationship with their allies Lexmark in the U.S. is something that we all need to be very careful in dealing with especially with all the software knowledge they have, our industries right to exits is still at stake even today, so don't take your reman toner business for granted, nurture it and protect yourself at all times. 
    To all advertisers and companies that have submitted articles and promo's to us, please check all your links from Tonernews to make sure they still work, we lost some information and had to repost most of the prior's week news articles since they all mysteriously disappeared? please make us aware if your links are in a "404 Error" and we can repost your news and send you out a new link, also we will be playing catch up this week so please also give us some time to get back on our feet. 
    thank you for your help and support.

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