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Date: Thursday April 25, 2019 01:35:54 pm
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    Following This Fine Piece Of Literature, Would Like To Ask The Following….
    "Are You Really Dumb Enough To Pay $69 a Month For Toner Industry News?" 
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    A Rewriter is Charging The Industry For Our Same News And Format. the industry standard for the toner consumables industry now has a copycat rewriter that is actually charging subscribers $69 a month to read our re-written news. Lacking originality and bought and paid for by the Chinese Clone Toner industry, Charlie Brewer owner of is trying to position itself as a "News" player in the industry but is constantly finding himself 24 hours behind the up to the minutes news cycle.

    Stop Paying For News With When The Same News Is Free At
    Sadly for $69 a month Charlie will sleep at the gates of and the ITC just to copy our latest press releases, then reissue our news the next day. From what we know and see only the Chinese Clone toner industry players are the ones dumb enough to pay him $69 a month for this TOO LATE breaking news. 
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    As we said many times before, does not take any money from any Chinese clone toner industry players, in fact we are constantly turning down China's offer to advertise on Jealous old Charlie just sits there and constantly takes on our advertisers and makes shit up because this is something that Charlie has to do to keep the Chinese appeased and interested since they are the only ones dumb enough to pay him. has been around for 16 years, our news has always been free and always will be, so don't waste your time and money with copycat re-writers stick with the industry standard for consumables news,!

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