Aster Graphics & Settles Their Differences Amicably.

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Date: Wednesday June 5, 2019 04:36:35 pm
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    Aster Graphics And Settle Their Differences Amicably, Lawsuit Dropped.
    Upon The Terms Of Our Settlement,
    Would Like The industry To Be Aware of The Following.
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    Aster Graphics products should not be considered clones as they provide their own design solutions.  In May, Aster Graphics won a Non-Infringing Final Determination against Canon in the ITC for their original dongle design solution.  Moreover, the gear design (U.S. Patent NO. 9,964,920) that Aster Graphics has sold into North America since last summer has been cleared from the current dispute by way of a joint stipulation (attached), ensuring their continued supply.
    Aster Graphics allocates a significant amount of its resources into patent research during the development process of new products and designs.  Aster has over 300 PCT patents and several USPTO patents that have driven its growth in the USA.
    Aster products have never been subject to a seizure order and its product supply has never been interrupted.  
    Aster is committed to performance quality and standards, backed up by the fact that they hold the following global quality, environmental and social certifications – ISO 900, ISO 14001, STMC, CE, RoHS and Nordic Swan.  
    Aster Graphics  set themselves apart from their competitors through their commitment to their reseller partners.  In the USA, they have an infrastructure that supports their business partners, including a first rate quality assurance lab in Riverside, California and sales support offices throughout the nation.  

    Contact Aster graphice For More Infomation :

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