China's & Allies Again Call Fake News.

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Date: Friday June 9, 2017 10:10:36 pm
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    China's & Allies Again Call Fake News.
    USA's Honest Toner Industry Will Never Be Taken Down By China!–ckshr-uycav74

    Well these stories get stranger everyday, so lets address what happened with Tonernews and Jadi that is propping up in the article below. AFTERMARKET SNAPS BACK AT FAKE NEWS. 
 Under Attack From a U.S. Based News Agency. 
    About a month ago we where contacted by Jadi to post a new product article from them, we asked Jadi over a couple of emails point blank if their toners and products where OEM-Authorized, it was just us and the marketing guy at Jadi emailing back and forth not an ATTACK, lol, in the end we did not post their news because clone toner article product press releases like, chips, parts, rollers, drums etc etc coming from Asia are so abundant in our industry that it was not really relevant for us to do so that week, just another article that we feel our readers would not consider for reading, so we did not run their news and now their mad and disappointed and call it an ATTACK?.


    Fake, Clones, Rebuilt, New-Built Compatibles, Counterfeit Toners. 
    We at call all toners that are not made from collected empty OEMs toners many different names, such as Fakes, Clones, Rebuilt, New-built Compatibles, Counterfeit, since all these kind of toners are basically NON-OEM-Authorized products made from injection mold manufacturing, same goes with the chips and all the parts that go into making these kind of fake toners, none of the many Asian companies that we mention on Tonernews have OEM-Authorized products, so we are exposing NON-OEM-Authorized products on since what they are doing to this old industry is not right, unfair and since collusion constantly happens at the cost to honest toner remanufactures around the world that are not located in China, we know and promote many OEMs empty toner cartridge dealers around the world because they have OEM-Authorized empty toner for resale and remanufacturing we call these toner manufacturers "honest toner remanufactures", this is our opinion and we stand firm in our views and opinions of these kind of products and our U.S. 1st amendment rights gives us the free speech to do so. 


    Now likes to promote as fake news since their article are for the most part still boring and not really exciting to read, they are however learning to stir pot like we do at and its all good for their brand and it help them promote their kind of toners at trade shows in order to keep selling these Fake, Clones, Rebuilt, New-Built Compatibles, Counterfeit toners around the world, heck they will even put you up in a hotel and give you a happy ending if you can make it to China, lol.
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    Toner Wars, Pick your Continent. 
    It's sad but true that we in the west are in a toner trade war with China due to the attack of their clone/fake/counterfeit toners impact on our industry, the USA is China's last frontier to conquer in this toner trade war and we at with our many allies around the world are not going to go down without a fight, maybe Europe is lost to the Chinese clone toner industry, but the USA's honest toner industry will never be taken down by China!    
    Please watch this Video starting David Gibbons
    of, maybe this is also fake news!.

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