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Date: Wednesday April 20, 2011 08:13:09 am | Views: 188
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    Hardware vendor has placed certain LaserJet products on controlled distribution
    The print market could be next to feel the pinch following the Japanese earthquake, with hardware giant HP becoming the latest vendor to impose stock controls to safeguard product supplies.

    In a letter to partners which was leaked to ChannelWeb, the vendor warns that supplies of its LaserJet devices and toner cartridges could be jeopardised by the ongoing fallout from last month’s disaster.The letter, dated 8 April, states: "The availability of select toner cartridges and LaserJet devices may be impacted going forward, [but] we will continue to communicate with you as information is available."The company states that it has taken the precaution of imposing restraints on the distribution of certain LaserJet toner cartridges."In the past few days, we have gathered additional information and, as such, are making changes to our LaserJet printer and toner plans," it continues."Today, we are placing select LaserJet toner cartridges on controlled distribution [and] expect to take the products off as soon as the situation allows."

    Since hitting the north-eastern coast of Japan on 11 March, the earthquake and accompanying tsunami have disrupted manufacturing operations at factories across the region.In some cases, manufacturing has ceased completely, while the output of some factories has been impeded by blackouts caused by the disaster’s impact on the country’s nuclear power plants.Channel onlookers have already voiced fears that the components and storage markets could be hit by product droughts and price hikes.In a statement to ChannelWeb, HP said it was regularly updating partners and customers about the evolving situation in Japan."We are in constant communication with our partners and suppliers in Japan to optimise business continuity planning in this dynamic situation," it said."As a precautionary measure, and to ensure the best possible care of all our customers, we will be placing a range of products on controlled distribution."

    James Kight, managing director of HP partner Printerland, said the company was wise to impose product restrictions."We have not been affected by any supply problems, because stock levels are still high, but the effects are being felt lower down the supply chain," said Kight. "That is why it is so good to see HP taking action to ensure that continues."Alex Tatham, sales and marketing director at HP distributor Westcoast, added: "When anything like this happens, we support our most loyal customers and protect them from the vagaries of the market by trying to ensure that orderly business is maintained."

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